Joe Henderson began his career in education as an eighth grade teacher. His favorite subject to teach was mathematics. When Mr. Henderson first started teaching, he was only four years older than his students. Later, he became a principal and also had to keep the busses running and the furnaces fixed. He organized a large band to play in local parades. Mr. Henderson eventually became the superintendent of elementary schools. He was honored when our school was named after him in 1986.


Simply wonderful school! The K program is great! All the teachers are caring and give extra help to those who need it. Really great parent and community participation and support. Well organized PTG and the principal cares more about safety and education than a super fun environment which in my opinion makes for a better education/school. Not to say it isn't still fun though! Lots of fun school wide events and programs! It's just a well rounded environment. We really like this school!
—Submitted by a parent in March of 2014 to greatschools.org

Joe Henderson Elementary is an AMAZING school. The teachers here are all wonderful and have excellent communication with the parents. The principal Mrs. Garton is fabulous with the students and the parents. She always knows your name and child. My 2nd grader has done everything from the Science fair to a Family Tree. The education at this school couldn't be better even if it were a private school. We are proud Henderson Hounds!!!
—Submitted by a parent in August 2013 to greatschools.org

My family loves Joe Henderson! My son is in the afternoon kindergarten class with Ms.Costanza. She is an amazing teacher! My son has really enjoyed the past few months in her class. I love how organized every project, party and day is planned, and have enjoyed helping Ms.Costanza in the weekly class centers. Joe Henderson is an excellent school, and we are very blessed that our son attends such an amazing school. We hope that he can continue attending Joe Henderson for years to come!
—Submitted by a parent in March of 2010 to greatschools.org

I love Joe Henderson elementary school as it is filled with artwork and innovative projects by the students, along with a group of teachers incredibly dedicated to maximizing resources to give our children the best educational experience. There are many teachers in the school who have been there over 20 years,testifying to the solid foundation of the staff who are an incredibly committed and inspirational group of teachers. I have loved my children's experience with their teachers and the entire Joe Henderson community.
—Submitted by a parent in October 2009 to greatschools.org