Mrs. Carin J. Garton 

"Every Day - Every Minute Counts" 

Joe Henderson Elementary has a rich and proud tradition of providing their students with an unparalleled education, preparing them for future success. I am thrilled to be part of that tradition. 

Our highly qualified and well experienced teachers are at your service. Our mission is to offer a high quality, standards-based education. We all value that mission. Our staff will hold high expectations of themselves and the children they teach. They will offer a strong foundation of support, so success is attainable for all. 

We invite and welcome parents to be part of the school. Our success depends upon their input and involvement. Parents can become involved by helping their child at home with school work, volunteering, joining PTG and/or school committees, and attending school events. 

Students must be taught that they are the integral part of the school. We are there for them. Learning is a process, is lifelong, and so important. High expectations, for academic performance, as well as behavior will be held by all. They have a large part in their academic success. 

Let’s always be reminded of our ultimate purpose, to educate and care for the children. This is certainly a simplified version of what we want to achieve at our school. We aim high to achieve the highest state standing.  Our “Gold Ribbon” is evidence of our standing. 

This is a community school. Under my leadership, that has not change. What we do, we do for children. What is a school? It’s so much more than just blocks, dry wall, and plaster. It is the commitment and the dedication of the people, the hopes and dreams they share, which creates a nurturing community and inspires children to be lifelong learners. Join us to build those dreams!