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Volunteer Information

Volunteering at Joe Henderson Elementary School is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. It allows students to see responsible adults helping in the school and reaffirms the importance of their daily work as students. Teachers love volunteers because more student needs are able to be met and individual attention is easier to give to the children. Volunteers love being involved because they see our school operating at peak efficiency, and they see the thanks and smiles from the students and staff. Together, we are able to create a more dynamic, powerful, and memorable learning environment for our students. It can only happen by volunteering some time at Joe Henderson Elementary. 
Visit the BUSD "Get Involved" Web page for more information. You can print a Volunteer Registration Card at the bottom of this page.

Parents/Guardians or other family members interested in volunteering in any capacity at Joe Henderson MUST be cleared through the main office beforehand. The deadline for ALL volunteers in any capacity is Thursday, December 22. There will be no exceptions made. Volunteering includes helping in a classroom, chaperoning a field trip, attending a classroom celebration, and working in any capacity with students. Specific details are outlined below. Please note that even if a volunteer has been cleared in previous years, he/she MUST go through the process again at the beginning of a new school year. *Fingerprints are good for the duration of your child's time in the Benicia Unified School District.

ALL VOLUNTEERS: must fill out a Volunteer Clearance card, show proof a clear TB test (good for 4 years), and show proof of identification to the office staff. Cards are available in the main office. Even if you are not sure you will want/be able to volunteer, it is highly recommended that you complete this process anyways. It is of no cost to you, and will save you any regret once the deadline has passed.

FIELD TRIP CHAPERONES & 4th and 5th Grade Outdoor Education Chaperones: MUST go through the volunteer clearance process as stated above, AND be fingerprinted via Live Scan. Print a Live Scan form here. View Live Scan sites and costs here. Fingerprinting processing can take time, so it is highly encouraged that it is done ASAP regardless of the date of the field trip in order to be cleared by the Volunteer Processing deadline. If you have already been fingerprinted for BUSD, your fingerprints are on file and you do not have to go through this process again during your tenure in this district. TO ATTEND A FIELD TRIP IN ANY CAPACITY OTHER THAN AS AN OFFICIAL CHAPERORNE, YOU MUST BE FINGERPRINTED. 

FIELD TRIP CHAPERONE DRIVERS: MUST go through the Volunteer Clearance process as stated above, complete a driver registration form, AND show proof of insurance of coverage of $100,000/$300,000 minimum liability coverage.

Click Here to view & print a: 2016-2017 Volunteer Registration Card