Before and After School
Before School

The instructional day begins at 8:30am each school day. Whether your child walks, rolls, or is driven to school in the morning, please ensure that s/he arrives on time (five minutes early is ideal). See bell schedule.

Students that ride their bike to school are asked to lock it to the bike racks on the playground once the gate is opened. *See Additional Bike Riding policies at the bottom of this page.

Playground gates open at 8:20am each school day. There is no supervision until that time, so we do not recommend allowing your child to arrive before that time.

  • After the gates open, students are to report directly to their designated class line. 
  • Students are prohibited from playing on the playground and equipment in the morning.
  • Students (accompanied by a parent or not) are to remain off of the bark retaining walls and bike racks. 
  • Students remain in their lines until their teacher greets them at 8:30am to lead them inside.
  • Quiet conversations are welcomed and encouraged, but loud, disruptive, and dangerous behaviors are prohibited. Additionally, students may not stand in another class line.

During this time, teachers are making final preparations for the school day and unscheduled interruptions are discouraged. If you must meet with a teacher before school, please contact them to schedule that time.

The Joe Henderson staff thanks you for helping our students stick to these courtesy and safety rules. 

Rainy Days:
On rainy days, the staff will open the multipurpose room doors at 8:20am so that the students are not waiting in the rain. The same rules apply inside: stand quietly in class line and wait for your teacher to arrive at 8:30am.
After School

The instructional day ends at 2:50pm for grades 1-3 and 3:00pm for grades 4-5. See bell schedule.

Students that walk or ride their bicycles home at the end of the instructional day should leave campus immediately at 3:00pm. Standing around with peers adds to congestion, confusion, and occasional altercation, so our walkers and bikers should exit campus immediately and safely.

Automobile pick-up can be a test in patience for everyone, but the Joe Henderson staff is working hard to make this process as streamline and safe as possible for our students and families. Following these simple guidelines will go a long way in easing the traffic, stress, and confusion that can accompany end of the day pick-up times.
  • Students being picked up in a private vehicle are to wait in the grassy area surrounding the flagpole. They are responsible for watching for their vehicle as it approaches. Once they notice it, they proceed to the sidewalk to await pick-up. It eases crowding on the sidewalk and promotes responsibility and safety.
  • Students are allowed to be picked up in front of the school in lane to the right of the cones and next to the curb (the pick-up zone). 
  • Please pull your vehicle carefully ahead as far as possible. Students, ready and standing on the sidewalk, will load-up once your vehicle comes to a stop.
  •  It is okay to make multiple trips through the pick-up zone if you child is not ready, but please do not park in the pick-up zone. It brings all other vehicles to a stop and adds to the congestion.
The staff parking lot is always off-limits to parents during pick-up and drop-off.

Please be alert as you drive near school at the end of the day. We do our best to review expectations with our students, but occasionally they appear in unexpected and dangerous places. Drive slowly, alertly, and with great care, please.

Helpful hint:
Many families arrange to pick-up and drop-off their children on a local side street. The Henderson staff encourages responsible students to arrange a meeting place and help us ease the pick-up and drop-off congestion. Plus, it is often more efficient.