Classroom Celebrations

Special events and classroom celebrations are a privilege. At Joe Henderson, we are committed to maximizing our instructional time. At the same time, we appreciate holding special celebrations from time to time as a welcome break from academia. Joe Henderson Elementary permits authorized special events and classroom celebrations during the final thirty minutes of the designated day. Teachers are the decision-makers when it comes to classroom celebrations and special events. They know administrator expectations and will seek volunteers and coordinators as they deem it necessary.

Additionally, and in an effort to keep our celebrations as safe and fun as possible, we ask that volunteers refrain from bringing siblings to the special events and parties. We want all of our focus on the students in that classroom. Assisting the students and wrangling another child is a safety concern and takes the focus off of our celebrating students. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to attend a classroom celebration you must first be cleared as a volunteer in the main office. The deadline for receiving volunteer clearance is in December. It is highly recommended that you register as a volunteer ASAP even if you aren't yet sure if you will attend a celebration. If you are not cleared, you will be unable to attend.