As we begin a new school year, we invite all parents/guardians/adult family members to stop by the main office to be processed as a volunteer. In order to be allowed in classrooms in any capacity (including stopping by for a holiday party), or volunteer in the classroom and/or on a field trip ALL adults must be registered and cleared a volunteer EVERY year. It is a simple process that requires proof of identification, a cleared TB test, and a completed registration card. If you plan on volunteering as a chaperone for any field trip at any point throughout the year, you must also be fingerprinted. Fingerprints are good for the duration of your time in BUSD, so you need only do this once, as long as BUSD was the reporting agency.
The deadline for ALL volunteers, including field trip volunteers, is Friday, December 22. No exceptions will be made so please be sure to complete this process as soon as possible even if you aren’t sure if you will be volunteering or not. If you have any questions, please stop by or call the main office.
Volunteer forms can also be found on the district website under Parents>Get involved