We can’t wait to welcome our Hounds and their families back to school! Our first day of school is Tuesday, August 20. Please review the following procedures for the first day/week of school to ensure a smooth transition back to school.

*The playground gates will open at 8:15 for all students. Teachers will greet their classes on their playground lines at 8:30. Before school, the playground equipment is closed. Students should be in their classroom lines where they are welcome to talk with and hang out with their classmates.

*Classroom lines are indicated on the black top. Students are to go directly to their line upon entering the playground and wait for their teachers to bring them inside at the 8:30 bell.

*Families of Grade 1-5 students are welcome to hang out with their children near the classroom lines on the FIRST DAY ONLY. Starting on Wednesday, August 21, the 1-5th grade playground will be open to students and staff ONLY.

Kindergarten families will be welcomed on the kindergarten playground during the FIRST WEEK of school. Starting on Monday, August 26, the Kindergarten yard will be open to students and staff ONLY.

If any of our 1-5th grade Hounds need more support with the transition, parents can stop by the office to sign in and get a visitor’s sticker to help with the drop off transition during the FIRST WEEK ONLY. We want all of students to start the day happy and confident!